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World Oceans Day is a day to be ocean-minded and support sustainability. At COOLA, we are committed to improving the health of our communities, waterways, and habitats through responsible ingredient sourcing and sustainable packaging wherever possible.

We are doing our part by:

  • Creating 70%+ organic products
  • Developing reef-friendly sunscreen (aka Oxybenzone and Octinoxate-free formulas) as well as mineral sunscreens that use only Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide

coola mineral face and body lotion

  • Planting coral to help rebuild and strengthen threatened reefs
  • Having 75%+ of our packaging be fully recyclable (our goal is to have 100% recyclable by 2023)
  • Reducing plastic usage and our carbon footprint by having all of our tubes made from sustainably sourced sugar-cane resin, which is 100% recyclable

You can do your part by:

  • Choosing a reef-friendly sunscreen
  • Reducing, reusing, recycling
  • Not littering (and clean up after others!)

 coola beach clean up oceanside 2019

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