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Your Rev Up Ritual

Start your day the COOLA way!

It’s the ritual you’ll jump out of bed for—pump on our Glowing Greens Detoxifying Facial Cleansing Gel to gently remove impurities, then pat on our Vital Rush™ Skin Renewal Serum to add in concentrated nutrients. Smooth on our Refreshing Water Cream to restore moisture and give skin a burst of hydration throughout the day with Refreshing Water Mist. This organic ritual with SPF also removes skin stressors, mitigates the effects of blue light and fortifies your skin's natural defenses. 

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Step 1: Remove

Glowing Greens Detoxifying Facial Cleansing Gel 
An organic cleansing gel that flushes skin with purifying plant juices and nourishing extracts to clear away impurities for freshly glowing skin.

Step 2: Renew

Vital Rush™ Skin Renewal Serum
A renewing serum that delivers a vital rush of concentrated nutrients to help revitalize fatigued skin from modern skin aggressors.

Step 3: Restore

Full Spectrum 360º Refreshing Water Cream Organic Face Sunscreen SPF 50
An organic water cream that delivers a surge of lightweight moisture, SPF 50 protection, and helps mitigate the effects of blue light, IR, and pollution.

Step 4: Refresh

Full Spectrum 360° Refreshing Water Mist Organic Face Sunscreen SPF 18
An alcohol-free SPF 18 water mist infused with organic aloe and coconut water that helps mitigate the effects of digital and environmental pollution.

Why the Pros Love It

Lynille Steffenhagen, a licensed Esthetician with over 20 years of skincare experience, shares her pro tips.

Get your morning greens

Glowing Greens Detoxifying Facial Cleansing Gel is like a breakfast smoothie for your skin. Use it first thing in the morning to deliver detoxifying Celery Extract and nutrient-rich Seaweed Extract to dissolve excess oil and make-up.

More, more, more

Keeping your skin moisturized is a key step for healthy skin. Refreshing Water Cream and Refreshing Water Mist offer a combination of humectants, moisturizers and emollients to do just that. Both help to draw moisture into the skin and retain moisture to leave you with a more supple and healthier skin barrier. 

Boost the Ritual

Easy on the Eyes

The eye area is unique in that it does not have large pores, but each eyelid does have a few very delicate oil glands. The Day SPF 30 & Night Organic Eye Cream Duo addresses skin’s specific needs both day and night. The Resveratrol-infused night formula revives and hydrates, so it caters to that fragile skin around the eyes while the Vitamin C-rich day formula brightens and protects with SPF 30 during the day.

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