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At COOLA, doing good is part of our DNA. We’re committed to improving the health of our bodies, waterways, as well as our communities—which is why we allocate a portion of our proceeds each year to causes we are passionate about.

And we want you to join us! Let’s make a positive impact together—every time you make a purchase. Simply, select ‘donate' at checkout to round your purchase up to the nearest dollar. We’ll donate your extra change to help make a change at one of our favorite organizations, The Ocean Cleanup.

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COOLA's Cause For Coral

From day one, our team at COOLA has been committed to giving back at every level to two very important causes to us—supporting global skin cancer awareness and protecting our global greater environment.

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Relief to Families in Ukraine

It’s been a rollercoaster ride these past few years. Have you been struggling, feeling stressed out, or downright discouraged? COOLA was founded because we wanted to bring more health and joy into people’s lives. So let’s spread that sunshine together! We invite you to join our #DoGoodWithCOOLA challenge.

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We'll Get Through This Together

At COOLA, our first priority is our team and our community’s health and safety. Here are some of the steps we are taking to support our team while continuing to provide you superior service.

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