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Team Tips For A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Team Tips For A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Lifestyle & Wellness Sustainability

Here at COOLA we are just as passionate about our products as we are our environment. Recently, our Environmental Committee (yes, we have one!) sent a survey out to our team to gain more insight on how we can be more eco friendly as a brand and to share any sustainable tips for our home lives. We are happy to report back that we have some truly incredible team members with the best ideas on how to live sustainably in style (emoji). Keep reading for easy tips that you can implement into your own lifestyle!

How can I be more sustainable?

  • “For years I've used a coffee mug for my tea/coffee/beverages and carry a HydroFlask canteen for on-the-go. I loathe single-use plastic water bottles and Starbucks coffee hot cups that clog up our trash cans and landfills... ugh!”
  • “I will always lean towards food packaging that is biodegradable as well as rinsing out recyclable materials to ensure they are recycled vs. thrown in a landfill for having food on them still.”
  • “I don't use standard plastic bags anymore; ziplock, dog bags or garbage bags. Every bag I use is biodegradable or has environmentally friendly packaging.”
  • “I eat more plant based and make vegan meals 3 times a week.”
  • “I do my own organic farming by growing my own vegetables and fruit. Even if you have just a small patio this is possible!”
  • “I use reusable kitchen items like tupperware, stasher bags and reusable straws.”
  • “I support sustainable beauty brands and skincare companies.”
  • “I choose organic, local products and support local agriculture.”
  • “I stopped using single use makeup wipes in my skincare routine and replaced them with reusable makeup erasers!”
  • “I try to buy my clothes from second hand stores as often as possible.”
  • “At home I use solar energy for our power and for our pool heat.”

COOLA is committed to continuing to improve our environmentally friendly practices at the office and at home. We hope we’ve inspired you to make a swap or a sustainable change in your own lifestyle.

Happy Earth Month!


The COOLA Team