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Sustainability In Style

Sustainability In Style

Lifestyle & Wellness Sustainability

Happy Earth Month! 🌎 How is it already April?! Time has been flying by for us since we’ve been working from home. Speaking of being home, we don’t know about you, but we’re realizing how much waste we create in our own households on a day-to-day basis. This is the first time that we’ve seen at first hand how many bags of trash we take out a week, how many loads of laundry we’re doing and how much our dogs actually go to the bathroom (ugh). 😝

Here at COOLA, we’re all about sustainability in our packaging, ingredients and even in our office environment. Our small decisions every day really do make an impact, and the goal is to do more with less. We’re carrying over these green practices that we’ve learned at the office and implementing them into our own homes! Here’s some tips you can use to live a sustainable life in style ♻️:


Green Greenery

Plant native, drought tolerant plants in your yard to reduce water usage. On the topic of greenery, we also recommend having plants in your home. Succulents, Pothos and Snake Plants are amazing for ridding the air of toxins and they don’t need too much water! 🌿

Class It Up

Use cloth napkins for dining. They're classy, beautiful and sustainable. Enough said! And it’s an excuse to do some updating in your dining room. 😉

Reusable Rags

Paper towel shortage? No problem! Use reusable dish rags and hand towels to clean your kitchen, dishes and dry your hands. It’s helpful to have a separate laundry bin for these towels to keep organized and then throw them in the wash once you have a big enough pile. 

Glass Tupperware

We are big advocates of reducing plastic and harmful chemicals in our lives! Especially in things that touch our food. Invest in a glass tupperware set to keep all of your food and leftovers fresh. Plus, they look so much more chic than plastic tupperware.

Reusable Shopping Bags & Produce Bags

Bring your own grocery bags to shop - a reusable COOLA tote perhaps?  We also recommend reusable produce bags to cut down on plastic. 

Buy In Bulk

Buy your flours, nuts and seeds in bulk using a reusable bag like these from Lotus and store in pretty glass containers at home.


No, we’re not talking about your emails, but you can do that too! We’re talking about all of the coupons and junk mail that shows up on your doorstep daily. Unsubscribe to save some trees. 🌴

Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags

If your dog is like ours and goes 127563745 times a day, then we highly suggest purchasing biodegradable dog poo bags 🐶

Donate & Shop In Style

Haven’t worn that dress in over a year? Donate it to the Good Will or sell it to a consignment store! This is an amazing way to recycle clothing. 👗 Return the favor and purchase gently used clothes at the thrift store or off Poshmark.

Loose Leaf Tea

Switch to loose leaf tea as those little tea bags often contain microplastics and are not compostable. Plus they really add up in the trash! Invest in a cute reusable diffuser and your tea ritual is instantly upgraded! 🍵


As always, we hope you are staying safe and healthy during this time! We hope these tips help you to live your best life at home during Earth Month and beyond 😉

💙 The COOLA team