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As much as we would like to spend our days laying on a beach (slathered in SPF) with a Pina Colada in hand, we unfortunately have to do this thing called “adulting.” For most of us, our M-F reality consists of the daily hustle to achieve those professional (and personal) goals. Which, in turn, leads many of us to throw our SPF by the wayside since we figure... “I’m in the office all day and then heading straight to cycling... Why would I need to include SPF in my daily skincare routine?” Think again! Full Spectrum protection is crucial for any young professional on the daily grind looking to keep their skin healthy, radiant and youthful.

For example, a typical morning-in-the-life of a “glow-getter” usually consists of waking up (and maybe snoozing), checking your phone, hopping in the shower, blow drying your hair, and eating a quick breakfast (hello avo toast) before stepping onto the streets for your daily commute. What you don’t know is that you’ve already exposed yourself to blue light (from your cell phone), infrared (heat damage from your blow dryer), pollution (urban pollution can penetrate skin and cause oxidative stress) and UVA/UVB rays all before 9am.

Low and behold, you finally arrive at the office. Computers, phones and tablets, oh my! Studies have shown that blue light (the strong light that emits from the screens on cell phones, computers, tablets, and TVs) penetrates more deeply than UV rays and can induce damage to deeper layers of the skin.

If this sounds like your typical day-in-the-life, don’t go hiding under that rock just yet. We’ve got you fully covered with our NEW Sun Silk Creme SPF 30 and our Sun Silk Drops SPF 30. COOLA’s proprietary BlueScreen™ Digital De-Stress™ technology is scientifically proven to go beyond UVA and UVB to help defend from blue light, infrared and pollution. It features a proprietary blend of antioxidants and specially harvested plant-cell cultures – all at their active levels – to help mitigate the damage from environmental and digital exposure. So, go ahead and incorporate our NEW Mineral Sun Silk Creme or Sun Silk Drops (choose one based on your skin needs) into your morning routine and continue reaching for the stars… because the hustle never stops!

No matter what your daily routine looks like, COOLA has you covered from head to toe- whether you're in need of an all-in-1 SPF face serum to prep your skin before a day at the office, or a lightweight scalp SPF spray to protect your scalp during a day at the beach.


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