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New brand look

New Sleek Look on the Outside, Same Innovative Formulas on the Inside

Since COOLA was incorporated in 2004, we've been creating organic, innovative SPF you want to wear. And after 20 trips around—and under—the sun, we have a brand new, elevated look inspired by our Southern California roots.

Fresh modern makeover, same commitment to developing luxurious, breakthrough formulas.

It’s Our 20th Anniversary, and We’re Ready for a New Look

COOLA has been raising the standard in SPF with organic, innovative suncare for 20 years. Sunscreen and skincare have evolved a lot over this time, and we wanted to ensure our packaging fully represents who we are today—going beyond just our beachy lifestyle to also reflect our superior, innovative formulas.

As iconic as our cult-classic packaging was, it was originally designed to highlight our organic ingredients and beach-ready culture. Over the years, we have worked hard to raise the bar in SPF, as demonstrated by our award-winning, best selling suncare products, and we wanted our packaging to match our innovative style.

Our new look reflects how seriously we focus on both our powerful, groundbreaking products while still honoring our Southern California lifestyle.

Updates Beyond Our Packaging

This is the first big change we’ve made to COOLA’s look since our founding 20 years ago, and it goes beyond just updating our packaging. We’ve also refreshed some other areas of the COOLA world to better reflect the higher standards we hold ourselves to.

Whether you’re shopping in Ulta or on our website, you may also notice our new tagline: “SPF Perfected.” This signifies how we’re raising the standard in SPF—with our ingredients, the feel of our formulas, and the science and innovation that goes into all our products.

You’ll find that these higher standards come to life within all things COOLA:

Always Organic

  • Every formula is made with as many sustainably farmed certified organic ingredients as possible—at least 70%+ in everything we make.
  • Our Farm to Face® commitment ensures you know where the
  • ingredients in our products come from—and that they support local communities and a healthier earth.
  • Along with our organic commitment, all COOLA products are EU Compliant, Hawaii Act 104 Reef Compliant, Vegan, and Cruelty Free.

You’ll Love How It Feels

  • We endlessly pursue the best possible sunscreen feel—impossibly non sticky, non-greasy, sheer, and lightweight.
  • Our SPF feels luxurious, so you’ll love how it feels and want to wear it every day.
  • Everything we make is designed to engage the senses, from delightful textures to 100% natural scents inspired by the natural world.

Serious About Sun ™

  • We’re serious about sun protection and have been reinventing SPF for over two decades.
  • We’re serious about sun science. Along with clinically testing all our products, we push the boundaries of what’s possible—from breakthrough SPF formats and textures to industry-first BlueScreen™ Digital De Stress™ technology designed for modern life.
  • We’re serious about skincare. Every formula is powered by antioxidants and plant-derived skincare actives, so you can improve your skin’s health every time you protect it.
  • Based in Southern California, we’re as serious about enjoying the sun as we are about protecting skin.

Our Greater Push for Sustainability

Along with COOLA’s new look comes a greater push for sustainability in our packaging, including using more post-consumer recycled material in our tubes and removing boxes where we can. When including a box is necessary, we ensure they’re 100% recyclable and make them with FSC-certified post-consumer-recycled paper, soy ink, and water-based coating.

As our new packaging hits shelves, we're being mindful of minimizing waste in the transition. The new packaging has begun to roll out, but for sustainability reasons, updates will flow out throughout the year, ensuring that we don’t contribute to waste by throwing any old packaging away.

That means if you don’t see our new packaging in your next COOLA order, you’ll see it soon!

Find Our New Look on the Shelves

Our new packaging isn’t the only place you’ll notice some sleek changes. You’ll see that we’ve introduced our updated look to our shelves at Ulta and Ulta Beauty at Target, too. Keep an eye out for new shelving, images, and more the next time you’re stocking up on COOLA.


Why did the packaging change?

We’ve been raising the standard in SPF with organic, innovative suncare for two decades, and our new look reflects our ongoing commitment to creating groundbreaking, powerfully protective formulas you’ll love to wear. The update also displays our Southern California roots by instilling each package with a coastal aesthetic inspired by the natural beauty of our hometown’s Pacific Coast waves.

You may have noticed that COOLA’s all-around look has been refreshed to be more contemporary and modern. We made these additional updates not only to better fit the lifestyle of all our customers but also to match our mission of bringing you the most innovative suncare on the market.

Along with this new look comes a greater push for sustainability in our packaging. We’re using more post-consumer recycled material in our tubes and removing boxes where we can to reduce waste. And when we do use boxes, we ensure that they’re 100% recyclable—made exclusively of FSC Paper using soy ink and water-based coating.

Did the formula change?

Although we’re updating our packaging, our formulas remain the same protective, innovative suncare products you know and love.