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Winter is great until January. Winter Wonderland December has past and January leaves you broke, unhealthy, and pale. You are getting hardcore spring vibes but the weather refuses to cooperate and all of the things mentioned in the sentence above has you guessing your springtime bikini bod. You work out, get back in shape, try to “layout” underneath clouds, and still, you’re pale. You blink then February has passed, March is here, and with it brings Spring.

Springtime to me means delicious produce, spring cleaning, festivals, and vacations (I know, I live a ROUGH life). Something that has always given me a confidence boost is being tan. I live by the theory that everyone looks better when they are tan. Whether it’s before a concert or before I head to my next tropical vacation (Nicaragua in 20 days) I used to always get an airbrush. I was skeptical about self-tanners and turning into an umpa lumpa – I’m already there with my height. Before COOLA released their Tan Lotion I had never tried one because I had seen it gone so wrong. But when you are loyal to the brand you are loyal to the brand and if your favorite skin care line releases a tanning lotion you must try it.

This stuff is magic. I massaged a generous amount evenly across my body, left it on overnight, and woke up a bronzed goddess. The color was better than any airbrush I have ever gotten. The lotion is lightweight, fast absorbing, and smells like Piña Colada. Oh yeah, it also tones and sculpts your body. Yeah…. it TONES AND SCULPTS. What more could you ask for?

I have written about COOLA a ton on my blog but the reason I hold this company so close to my heart is what their products are made out of. This lotion is formulated with sugar beet-derived DHA to help visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. It also has an active blend of vegetable caffeine & green coffee extracts for firmer, smoother looking skin. Great for those difficult problem areas.

This daily-use hydrating tanner is my new favorite item in my product inventory, next to my COOLA tan face serum of course. This secret weapon hit’s the shelves today at ULTA Beauty and on COOLA's website. Get it before it’s gone! 

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