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COOLA's Cause For Coral

COOLA's Cause For Coral

Education Sustainability

From day one, our team at COOLA has been committed to giving back at every level to two very important global causes—supporting skin cancer awareness and protecting our environment. Living in Southern California, our lives revolve around the magic of the ocean. From sunrise runs to sunset surf sessions, we can’t get enough of its calming energy. What many don’t realize is that the health of the ocean doesn’t just impact coastal life, it impacts our entire world.

Coral reefs are the ocean’s lungs; generating half of Earth’s oxygen. Coral is not just a plant, it is very much alive and is a complex animal. Barely visible to the naked eye, a polyp builds a calcareous skeleton and creates a living colony for over 700 species. All the corals together create the “reef,” a real underwater city which is a shelter for more than 30% of the marine life. Threatened by climate change, pollution, and other activities, the world’s reefs could disappear completely by 2050 if we don’t take action. This will impact the way we live, this will impact the way our children live.

This World Oceans Day we are committed to planting a minimum of 100 healthy corals to help restore reefs impacted by climate change.

Girl Walking on Beach


Take action!

We’re partnering with Coral Gardeners to save the coral reef through Coral Reef Restoration. This is done by transplanting coral cuttings into threatened areas of the reef to rebuild the strength of the existing reef, ultimately renewing the aquatic life in that area.

COOLA is committed to planting 100 new corals in honor of World Oceans Day to help restore impacted coral reefs. Additionally, we will plant one coral for every online order made on World Oceans Day! Shop our reef-friendly sunscreens to support coral reef restoration on Saturday, June 8th.

How can we change the tides at home?

Your lifestyle and the products you use can greatly impact our environment. Recent studies have discovered that certain chemical actives found in sunscreens are actually hurting the health of our corals. The main chemical culprits include oxybenzone and octinoxate. Oxybenzone has never been included in any of our products and as of January 2019 we have banned octinoxate from our entire collection, including both our zinc oxide sunscreen and non-mineral formulas. We are so proud to be Hawaii approved as a reef-safe sunscreen!

Girl Swimming by Reef

We hope you join us on Saturday, June 8th for our cause for coral! All you have to do is make a purchase of any amount on COOLA.com and a coral will be planted. Thank you for your support! #COOLALOVESCORAL

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