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We’ve all been there and lost track of time while playing or laying out in the sunshine. Too much sun exposure can lead to dehydration, and oftentimes, a bad sunburn. Over do your fun in the sun?  COOLA has you covered this summer with our Ecocert® Radical Recovery® Organic After-Sun Lotion.

Like a wheatgrass shot for your skin, our After-Sun Lotion delivers powerful antioxidants and nourishing, soothing ingredients that help your skin bounce back after a long day in the sun. This moisture-locking base of Organic Agave and Aloe Vera is enriched with antioxidant and vitamin-intensive boosters - including Rosemary Extract and the nurturing oils of Lavender, Sunflower, Sweet Orange and Mandarin Peel, along with purifying Cedarwood.

FUN TIP: To really cool your body down and give your skin a rejuvenating pick-up, one of our favorite tricks is to put our After-Sun Lotion in an ice bucket or in the freezer. After 20-30 minutes take the product out for a cooling application that will calm inflammation and give you a refreshed sensation!

Friendly reminder: Always apply SPF every time you step out your door and reapply at least every two hours or after taking a dip or sweating. If you do have an “uh-oh” moment, we’ve got your back with our After-Sun Lotion! And if you have to brave the sun after a sunburn, a great tip is to cool of your sunscreen sprays in an ice bucket for a refreshing application before heading back into the heat!

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