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Hey COOLA fam,

As excited as we are about our new launch this week, we’ve been finding it hard to focus in light of all that’s going on right now. Our hearts are heavy at the thought of the inevitable suffering that is being inflicted on so many innocent lives in Ukraine.

It’s hard to know what to do in these moments, but we knew we wanted to do something, especially since we’ve been focused on doing more good to spread love and positivity in our community this month.

To that end, our team decided yesterday to donate 100% of our sales from launch day to UNICEF’s on-the-ground efforts providing emergency relief to families in Ukraine.

If you’d like to join us, we’ve consolidated a list of ways to help:

UNICEF emergency efforts in Ukraine: https://bit.ly/3M7CWLW

UNHCR help for displaced Ukrainian families: https://bit.ly/3hD4SJT

CARE Ukraine Crisis Fund: https://bit.ly/3vmttdZ

Save the Children’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund: https://bit.ly/3hwe1Ur

Ukraine Crisis Fund (CARE): https://bit.ly/3KeOlYS

United Help Ukraine: https://bit.ly/3CcCdVs





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