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4 Tips to Get Your Skin Through the Winter

4 Tips to Get Your Skin Through the Winter

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Winter Skin Woes

It’s that time of year again—time to step into a wonderful winter wonderland. It’s
festive, fun, and full of joy! But it can also wreak havoc on your skin. In the winter,
the air loses its humidity and becomes drier, which can lead your skin to become
dry, dehydrated, and dull—anything but dewy.

So how can you keep your skin looking and feeling its best all season—from the
start of the holidays and all the way into the New Year? Here are some simple ways to keep it healthy and glowing from the inside out.



Drinking Water

Skin is our largest organ. The average person has about 300 million skin cells! And when it isn’t hydrated—it shows. Our skin is made up of three layers, and when that outermost layer of your skin doesn’t have enough moisture, your skin loses its elasticity becoming dry, itchy, red, flaky and even inflamed. Staying hydrated helps rejuvenate your skin so it maintains that elasticity and bounce we all love. Hydrated skin is smooth, soft, and totally touchable. And who doesn’t want that?

Let’s start with a tall drink of water. It’s a common recommendation to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Have trouble getting all those glasses in? Sneak it in by carrying a water bottle with you (like one of our faves from HydroMate, flavoring your water, subbing in water for other drinks throughout your day, and even eating water-rich foods like watermelon.

Now for your skin. Start with a cleanser that gives your skin a hydration filled clean. Our Glowing Greens Cleansing Gel flushes your skin with a surge of purifying plant juices and nourishing extracts to help clear away impurities and dissolve excess oil, sweat, and makeup. It contains antioxidant-rich Seaweed, which helps to gently dissolve dirt and toxins while replenishing skin’s hydration, and mineral-rich Celery Leaf Extract to help detoxify and nourish. Plus, fresh Cucumber to cool, soothe, and refresh your skin.

So what’s our go-to for adding ultra hydration below your head? Our Radical Recovery Moisturizing Lotion. This ultra-hydrating, deeply soothing formula features a moisture-locking base of organic Agave and Aloe Vera, which is enriched with antioxidant and vitamin-intensive boosters including Rosemary Extract and the nurturing oils of Lavender, Sunflower, Sweet Orange, and Mandarin Peel, along with calming Cedarwood. Ahhh-amazing for winter skin!



The humidity, or moisture in the air, naturally declines in the wintertime. Pumping up the heat in your home or car to stay warm as the temperature drops can further zap the moisture out of the air.

So what’s the solution? Invest in a humidifier! Humidifiers release water vapor or steam to increase moisture levels, or humidity, in the air. When the air has more moisture in it, your skin absorbs it so that it stays naturally more moisturized. Humidifiers come in all sizes from mini ones like this adorable cactus one from Sage & Sill.



Ahh, there’s nothing like a nice hot shower. While a warm shower is great to open the pores and create a spa-like feel, it is best not to get too hot. Hot showers can dry skin out and disrupt the skin's natural balance of moisture, robbing you of the natural oils that keep your skin healthy.

Did you know that dry skin can actually lead to an over-production of oils in an effort to compensate for the lack of moisture? Turning your dry skin to oily skin!

So how do you know if it is too hot? If your skin appears red following your shower, your water is too hot. Turn it down a bit and opt for cooler showers even just a few times a week to keep skin happily hydrated.



Less sun, means less sunscreen, right? Wrong! While it may not be as warm, the sun is always shining. Getting a sunburn while you’re shoveling or on the slopes is more common than you may think. The sun hitting your skin naturally dries it out.

So make sure you continue to wear your sunscreen. We’ve made our formulas super hydrating so they not only offer amazing organic sun protection but also keep your skin moisturized.

One of our favorites is our Refreshing Water Cream—I mean the name just says it all. Super refreshing and hydration boosting, this weightless wonder drenches your skin in lightweight moisture while protecting it from all those nasty environmental aggressors.

We also love adding a hydrating and protective boost to our skin or skincare with our versatile Sun Silk Drops. They offer anti-pollution and SPF protection. Choose from these nourishing drops or our Dew Good illuminating serum for healthy, glowing, every day!

Refreshing Water Cream