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Slay Your Digital Marketing




What is Promoboxx?

Promoboxx is a retail engagement platform that allows us to support our retail partners with their online marketing efforts. By using Promoboxx, retailers have regular access to customizable COOLA campaign materials that can be shared across marketing channels such as social media, email, website, and more.


Pre-optimized posts for easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Send an e-blast your customers via Promoboxx or your own provider.


Sprinkle some COOLA creative on your website.


High resolution, brand-approved assets on demand.

find it, customize it, share it

Your Benefits

Why get started today?

  • Easily access marketing materials and information for campaigns and promotions
  • Content drives more local awareness, in-store foot traffic & sales for your business.
  • Save time from curating or creating your own marketing content with features like automation and scheduling
  • Share all of your campaigns to multiple channels from one simple dashboard
  • Provides you the ability to monitor online marketing efforts and consumer engagement with reporting.
  • It’s Free! Promoboxx is 100% sponsored by COOLA for you as our retail partner